The War for Quadrant Two

Quadrant two will prove to be the quadrant of victory for the proletariat

Leaflet PDF’s

Hi folks,

*** Spartacus Ex Machina *** In the middle of this century, a new kind of public and democratic information machine will emerge as an invincible weapon in the struggle of the proletariat to break free from the rule of capital and fulfill all the dreams of humankind. (November 2, 2017)

*** Breaking the Taboo (the proletariat needs its own democratic public network) (Reply to Stephanie McMillan) (June 26, 2017)

*** How we can win against Trump and all the attacks to come (Jan 14, 2017)

*** Our Response to the Massacres in Gaza: Build the Independent Movement Against Imperialism and the Rule of Capital (with Art Francisco)(August 9, 2014)

Earlier work:

And here is Which Way Forward?  (July 8, 2014) which criticizes some of the popular illusions connected with Kshama Sawant and the campaign for $15/hour.

And here is my proposed Joint Statement on Kshama Sawant, the $15 minimum wage campaign and need for an independent movement (March 23, 2014)

Here, for study, is the essay that Mamos wrote about Kshama Sawant (November 30, 2013):

Kshama Sawant and Capitalism’s Shock Absorbers

And here are leaflets I wrote (or helped to write) since November 2011.

To download, right-click and select “Save file As”:

** Joint Statement
** EJ Jones, Kshama Sawant Campaign is No Way to Victory
** Art Francisco, The Key to Victory, Effective Strategy and Strengthening Our Movement
** Ben Seattle, We have a choice: promote illusions or build the independent movement of the working class
(6 pages, October 2013)
** Our Strategy in the Decades Ahead
** Our Strategy after the Overthrow of Bourgeois Rule
** Our Long-Term Vision: The Gift Economy Represents the Future of Humanity
   (Our Economic and Political Alternative to the Class Rule of the Bourgeoisie)
(10 pages, August 2012)
The Road to Victory in Our Struggle to Overthrow Capitalist Rule                                       
** Maintain a Clear Focus on Our Goal
** Puncture the Suffocating Influence of Social-Democracy
** Resolve the “Crisis of Theory”
** Build the Party of the Working Class and Oppressed
** Current Organizations and the Future of Our Movement   
(6 pages, May 2012)
(2 pages, July 2012)
(2 pages, November 2011)

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