The War for Quadrant Two

Quadrant two will prove to be the quadrant of victory for the proletariat

► Weekly Review # 3 – [WQ2.16.02.14]

Posted by Ben Seattle on February 14, 2016

Weekly Review # 3, 2016-02-14









One Response to “► Weekly Review # 3 – [WQ2.16.02.14]”

  1. Akira said

    Ben, you seem to have a first rate revolutionary psychosis going and I absolutely encourage it. I really enjoyed the PDFs with all the excellent diagrams, and “The Laws of Commodity Production for Dummies” is AWESOME BRO! I absolutely support your brave and devoted Proletarianist struggle against the treacherous revisionist traitors who keep moderating you from the email lists!

    Death to the running dog lackeys of Social Democratic Bonapartist Cargo-Cultism and the counter-revolutionary block of email deleting bourgeoisie and Facebook page hijacking revanchist White Guard bandits who feed on the body of the people!!!!!

    The proletariat definitely needs someone like you to explain to it that it should stop eating dog shit on a plate!

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