The War for Quadrant Two

Quadrant two will prove to be the quadrant of victory for the proletariat

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► Weekly Review # 2 – [WQ2.16.01.10]

Posted by Ben Seattle on January 11, 2016

# 2 — 2016-01-10_Weekly_Review_2 — 6800 words


–Contents —

0. Introduction
1. Defending workers’ rule: cargo cult intoxication vs. waking up and smelling the coffee
2. Mao’s Great Famine
3. How to create the organization we need
4. I need your help

— Appendix —

Reply to Stephanie and Jan:
We must fight on the basis of ideas that are solid

(1) The most important idea of this century
(2) The truth about everything important will emerge
(3) The bankruptcy of the single party state
(4) Doublespeak is double shit


news_to_theory - 5

mao tsetung thought nixonTombstone--fig 11.1


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