The War for Quadrant Two

Quadrant two will prove to be the quadrant of victory for the proletariat

► Weekly Review # 1 – [WQ2.15.12.17]

Posted by Ben Seattle on December 17, 2015

# 1 — 2015-12-17_Weekly_Review — 6500 words


0. Introduction
1. Work on Joint Statement on Syria
2. December 6 march in Seattle against the Neo-Nazi Hammerskins
3. The Hijacking of the Tacoma 15 Now facebook page
4. Trump as a proto-fascist
5. What is our strategy? The fundamental path forward
6. I need your help


Bernie - myth and reality


One Response to “► Weekly Review # 1 – [WQ2.15.12.17]”

  1. Akira said

    “We have confidence that the working class and small farmers in Syria are capable of overthrowing the tyrant Assad and overcoming the sectarian violence and religious and national oppression which is the poisonous legacy of the divide-and-rule methods of European colonial rule.”

    The religious/sectarian conflict in Syria is actually a product of the Turkish Colonial rule of the Ottomans, and the bitter river of blood that runs through Syrian history goes back well before “Capitalism” or modern European Colonialism even existed.

    The “working Class and small farmers” who are rural Sunnis are the core support base of the Wahhabist menace. They fully support ethnic massacres, Genocide of religious minorities, sex slavery, and throwing Gay people off of buildings.

    Your whole position is a fantasy sustained by your complete ignorance of both Syrian history and Islam.

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