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► Build the Channel – [WQ2.14.09.07]

Posted by Ben Seattle on September 7, 2014

Draft Resolutions–submitted by Ben Seattle to the Sept 7 Block the Boat Debrief and Strategy Meeting

Build the Channel !

Help Break the Siege of Gaza—and Win the War of Ideas Here at Home!

Just as there is an economic blockade like a noose around Gaza, so also there is a political blockade around what we are permitted to know.  This blockade­—no less than the suffocating siege of Gaza—must be broken.  When we break this political blockade around what we, and millions, are permitted to know, we will find that we have tapped into a source of power beyond imagination.


We Therefore Resolve that

(1) A powerful movement here in the U.S., in support of the Arab Palestinians and against U.S. imperialist intervention and war throughout the world, must be based on the working and oppressed masses and requires consistent and comprehensive work to raise their political consciousness.

(2) Our movement must fight for independence from the influence of the treacherous trade union bureaucrats —such as the ILWU bureaucrats—scabs who helped the cops and the Ports of Tacoma and Seattle undermine our blockade.

(3) The so-called “two-state solution”, in which two states, Israel and Palestine, exist side-by-side, is and always has been nothing but a fraud.  The only solution in the Middle East that conforms to the material interests of working and oppressed Arabs and Jews is a secular (non-religious) state with equal political rights for all.

(4) We share with the Palestinians of Gaza a common enemy: the ruling one percent in the U.S.—which will bring pain, suffering and death to millions around the world—and austerity, poverty, racism and ignorance to millions here at home—until the rule of capital is overthrown.

(5) We will work to build a channel that will tell the truth about Palestine, Israel, U.S. imperialism—and everything else that is important—to the working class and oppressed, here at home, in their millions.


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