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► Comment on WITBD study group this January [WQ2.12.12.09]

Posted by Ben Seattle on December 9, 2012

Hi Art,

I do not know the status of any announcements you may (or may not)
have made, but I have been giving thought to adding a sentence (or two)
to the public announcement of the WITBD study group.

I am not sure, yet, of the exact wording. But the basic idea is simple:

WITBD was written more than a hundred years ago, in a different time and
in different conditions. It badly needs an update for modern conditions
in the 21st century.  In particular, we must take account of:

  1. The experience of the great revolutions (and wars
    and the great Chinese famine) of the 20th century
  2. The explosion of social media (and its steadily increasing integration
    into the personal and work life of billions worldwide)
  3. The development of a modern, educated proletariat (which is also
    a majority, or near-majority, in nearly every country on earth)

This update is a matter for every revolutionary activist of our time. There
is a limit to what we (ie: as a small group of activists) can do to to address this
great need. But, whatever that limit is–we will need to find it–and push
it a little bit. The maximum attention and discussion we can draw to this great
project (ie: updating WITBD for the 21st century) the better, as long as our
action is solidly based on (first) humility and (secondly) on determination.

So our study group, for this reason, must be open to principled opponents of Lenin.
We need to invite them. We are fools if we fail to do so. Of course, none
may come. But what is important is simply that we make it clear, to ourselves
and to the world, that we recognize that we need their help and are totally
confident that, in the long run (ie: looking at events in decades, rather than
years) we will get it.

Thank you, by the way, for pushing to make this happen. Sometimes I need a bit
of a push, and this may be one of those times. I think we should aim for the
date to which we agreed: January 13. This means I need to set deadlines for
myself and complete my replies to Mamos and Red Fox before that time, so that
I will be able to give my full attention to this project.

It is good to make a public commitment in a situation like this–because doing
so will make it difficult for me to get cold feet or postpone or backout of
the work to make this happen.

All the best,

First posted as the first comment on: [FoC.12.3]


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